I was born in Pontoise in 1969.

Having always been fascinated by decoration, I entered the "Maryse Eloi" preparatory workshop for decorative arts after my baccalauréat. One year later, I was accepted by Olivier de Serres' superior school
of applied arts and professional art (E.N.S.A.A.M.A.). In 1992, I qualified as a Textile Design Technician
(textile and printed art).

However it was not until 2003 that I decided to make painting my profession.

I work upon film posters recovered in the Parisian metro, reworking the material of the billboards
to sublimate their story and transcend the layers which filter the light.
Without framework or restraint, my works are free in shape, colour and material
to allow emotion to run free.
I am the projector, the posters are my filter, projected onto fabric, canvas or wood.
The light is my own, and it functions as a prism.

© Aude van Eeckhout Frey, 2011